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Everyone has the right to live a meaningful life – a life that has meaning for them – regardless of their circumstances and regardless of their age.

This is the approach that drives forward the work of The Better Health Generation. And it is this fundamental idea that is at the core of The Better Health Generation’s decision to apply its years of experience in physical and mental health care, by creating a new service within the aged care sector.

The Better Health Generation has established Generation Care as a service that is directed specifically to the needs of older Australians, their families and their service providers. It utilises the expertise of The Better Health Generation in applying best practice approaches to physical and mental health and wellness, in a coordinated and collaborative way. Placing the older person and their loved ones at the centre of care, and applying its evidence-based Five Star Model, Generation Care recognises each person as an individual with their own needs and capabilities. Collaboratively, a plan is put in place that addresses issues (such as loneliness, loss, sometimes declining cognitive abilities, and deteriorating physical health), and that leverages off the person’s strengths, experiences and supports. The older person is helped to identify what they want and how they, and their supporters, can work together to achieve those aims.

We believe that older Australians have the right and the capacity to live with dignity and meaning, in a way that is best for them. Old age is sometimes seen as a stage of life to be endured. We believe differently. With the right evidence-based approach to care, and by recognising every person’s capacity to identify and strive for that which has meaning for them, older people can be practically assisted to get the most out of life. Through better care, we believe that people can live life to the full, no matter how young or old they may be.

Malcolm Choat, CEO of Generation Care