For Organisations

Better Care.

Our goal is to provide services to older Australians that make the difference between existing, and living well. We have extensive experience in delivering allied health services and have developed a new model based on the principles of person-centred care.

Generation Care offers a unique approach to delivery of allied health services. We apply our Five Star Model to ensure that our integrated services support the individual. We are able to apply the same process to an organisation itself – we will work with providers to identify areas of risk, gaps in organisational training and provide consulting services to bridge the gap. We host regular learning and development sessions that outline:


Compliance strategies in line with best practice.


Staff learning and development frameworks to drive engagement and retention.

Gap analysis of onsite or community services and a roadmap to meeting client needs.

Our Unique Model of Care

The Five Star Model is an evidence based, wholistic framework for the delivery of allied health services. We utilise psychologists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to ensure organisations meet their risk and compliance targets and so that your clients get the individualised care that they need. Our model consists of:

Physical health and wellbeing

Recognition of the importance of understanding participants’ physical health and integration of physical and mental health services to optimise quality of life.

Maintaining cognitive function

The extent to which capacities and impairments in cognitive functioning effect overall health and wellbeing.

Managing unhelpful thinking

Understanding age-related changes to personality and the effects of personality and thinking styles (positive and negative) on wellbeing.

Coping with change

Acknowledging consequences of life events such as grief and loss. Acknowledging, too, capacities such as resilience as a result of life events.

Maintaining social connections

Assessing strengths and disturbances in family and other relationships, linkages to peer support framework.