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National Pain Week | Exploring Chronic Pain

National Pain Week | Exploring Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a condition that effects one’s holistic health and wellbeing, while impacting day to day life. Defined as persistent pain for an extended period of time, chronic pain can be caused by injury, physical activity, obesity or smoking and can cause deteriorating mobility and decline in health. Pain can be mild, sever and can be complex, so treatment is different for each person suffering. Living with chronic pain can be incredibly disabling and isolating and leads to difficulties in performing daily activities and tasks. Chronic Pain Week fortunately shines light on the struggles and realities of Chronic Pain.

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When most people think of physiotherapy they think of a clinic room, a treatment table, and a painful massage. Clearly this was on the mind of the Prime Minister when he addressed the nation on Tuesday night.

While manual therapy treatment is what most people remember (or in some cases would rather forget), the real value of our treatment comes from the advice, prescriptive exercise and activity modification that forms part of every successful physiotherapy intervention.

There is strong clinical evidence to show that effective intervention can be delivered via virtual healthcare, such as Generation Care’s Video Call platform. Some examples of where our virtual healthcare Video Call can be effectively used include:

  • Preventative stretching and strengthening programs to maintain health and wellbeing of your workers whilst they are working from home.
  • Programs to assess and manage common musculoskeletal injuries like lower back pain, rotator cuff injuries, muscle tears.
  • Graded, guided exercise programs for all neurological conditions. We can upskill any care worker of family member to assist if required.
  • Cardiovascular programs the help people return to optimum function after cardiac events.

As an added benefit, our Video Call allows us to draw in the skills and experience from across our comprehensive allied health team. This means we can align clients to physios with the right skills and experience to manage the condition most effectively. It also means that we can draw in from our other disciplines. We can apply a team-care approach to client management instantly.

Now is not the time to compromise your mental and physical wellbeing. Video Call is an excellent alternative to face-to-face continuity of care during the Covid-19 social distancing and isolation requirements. It’s medical-grade virtual healthcare, meaning your information is secure and encrypted (unlike general alternatives like Skype and FaceTime and outdated telehealth) and we can share tip sheets, documents, reports and merge other health supports into sessions for integrated care. It’s also simple to set up and use.

Our physio team is skilled and experienced in delivering services via our virtual healthcare Video Call. Social distancing does not mean that you have to deal with pain by yourself, or put your rehab on hold.

We are here to help and support you. If you need physiotherapy services or to continue your care please reach out on 1300 97 95 93 or For more information head to our website and click VIDEO CALL.