Better Care.

We make it easy for older Australians to access personalised allied health services and supports.

Better Care.

We make it easy for older Australians to access personalised allied health services and supports.

Who we are

Generation Care offers older Australians personalised care for good health and wellbeing.

We provide high-quality, easy-to-access allied health services into your own home. With Better Care we know people can live life on their own terms, regardless of age or circumstance.

At Generation Care, we understand everyone is unique. Our AHPRA registered team work with you to design a tailored program that suits your needs and budget and gets results. We also help you to find all the funding you are entitled to.

What is allied health?

Allied health practitioners are university qualified with expertise in diagnosing and treating a range of conditions. Allied health does not include the medical, dental or nursing professions. Generation Care’s high-quality allied health services include:

  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise physiology
  • Occupational Therapy

“Generation Care’s flexible approach to service delivery means we can provide services in the home, community or residential care centres. Our team designs programs that reflect personal circumstances and goals. We work collaboratively with informal and formal support networks, and all our high-quality services are provided under government aged care funding or privately as a fee-for-service arrangement.”

Our Services


Psychology supports mental health and develops strategies and goals for future wellbeing. Our team offers a wide range of treatments for mental health conditions and challenges like stress management, anxiety, bereavement, loneliness and depression.


Physiotherapy supports movement and balance. Our physiotherapists help older Australian’s with different conditions to take part in the community and be more independent.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists improve health and wellbeing through graded, guided exercise programs. As fitness and physical strength improve, the more opportunities there are to participate in activities and increase independence.

Our Five Star Model

Our unique Five Star Model is an evidence-based, holistic approach that delivers personalised health care to older Australians quickly and cost-effectively. Our team works with groups and individuals to support:

Health and wellbeing

Mental skills

Thinking style and personality

Responses to life events

Maintaining social connections

Why Are We Different?

Generation Care believes everyone has the right to live a life that has meaning for them regardless of their circumstances and regardless of their age. We recognise each person as an individual with their own needs and capabilities. We provide high-quality, personalised allied health services and support to improve mental health and physical wellbeing. With Better Care we know people can live life to the full, regardless of their age.

Our Values


What we do, we do well.

We have high standards, and we take pride in both the pace and value of our work.


Our clients’ successes are our greatest achievements.

We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes.


We are constantly developing new ideas and approaches.

We encourage creative thinking, keep up with new scientific methods and partner with leading research institutions.


We treat people with respect.

We are honest, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and responsible.

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